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Pharmacy practice has significantly evolved from a role focused on medication preparation and distribution to that of an accessible, collaborative primary care practitioner. Despite this change, many of the images of pharmacists, for example on the web and social media, still depict a drug distribution role. They fail to accurately capture pharmacists as frontline clinicians and medications experts who provide diverse patient care to meet equally diverse patient needs. The implications of these images are an antiquated view of the role of pharmacists by patients, the public, and other healthcare providers, who may only see pharmacists as shopkeepers and as distributors of medication. Images of pharmacists counting pills or standing in front of a wall of medications are highly prevalent, but there are very few images that show the diverse roles and services that they provide as a part of patient-centred care. We want to change this. The Images of Pharmacy Practice project aims to capture images of pharmacists that accurately portray modern pharmacy practice at its full scope to challenge and correct the current perception of the role of pharmacists in healthcare and in our communities. Our team at the EPICORE Centre, in collaboration with Jim Dobie Photography, travelled across Alberta, Canada during the summer of 2021 to capture images of pharmacists that better represent their roles as healthcare providers and illustrate the vast scope of modern pharmacy practice.

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